United Heat for Sales, Design & Manufacture of Electric Heating Elements, Thermocouples and Temperature  Related Products in Gauteng South Africa

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What United Heat does

WHY CHOOSE US for heating applications?

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Experienced Staff
Our technical staff have over 20 years experience in our field. They are able to design, repair and solve any heating application problems calling on our extensive experience.

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Service-Orientated Work Ethic
We firmly believe that service is what matters. If we are able to provide the best solution to your problem timeously, then you will be happy and so will we

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Realistic Pricing
Our pricing is competitive, market-related and realistic - its that simple!

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Our delivery is on time. Delays cause backlogs - these must be avoided.

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BEE Rating
We have been BEE rated by Empowerdex since 2005

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Technical Assistance
Our technical assistance and backup is offered to our clients free of charge

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Product Procurement
We offer convenient procurement with a variety of products

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Problem Solution
We pride ourselves on our ability to resolve queries promptly

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Our technical staff has over 30 years experience in our field.  They are able to design, repair and solve any heating application problem.  More than this, our staff share our vision and commitment to customer service.

Being committed to our governmentr’s policy of skills development, we train our staff in new developments regularly.  We also employ un-skilled workers and give them training and the necessary skills to improve their lives.


We are situated in th east of Gauteng.  This ideally positions us to service our clients whereever they may be.  The international, OR Tambo Airport is within a few minutes of our premises and this enables us to receive and distribute our products timeously.

Manufacturers of heating elements
Designers of thermocouples in Gauteng

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